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Games Forum Rules
« on: April 9, 2005, 02:38:04 PM »

As a hobby, this section should be about a fun, learning atmosphere. given the circumstances regarding certain unwanted behaviors and reoccurring events brought about by a few members, we as moderators have decide it is time to prepare are set of rules specifically pertaining to this section. All WheelsJamaica regulations are still in effect, with extra emphasis on following standards we have been discussing which seem extra strict measures must be taken.

These include:

1. No flaming whatsoever will be tolerated
2. No excessive cursing or foul language
3. No personal attacks
4. Unverified opinions presented as facts will be discouraged at all times-Basically this means that you  should not spread any potentially misleading information if have not verified it for yourself. Too many people are making comments about games and game systems that they have not even touched!
5. No Discussing Burning or Copying or Downloading Games (unless they are freeware). We dont support that here on WJ and if you must, keep it in PM
6. No selling of games, consoles, etc

Thank You 8)
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