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Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway
« on: September 18, 2018, 10:14:47 PM »
Motorsport given permanent home at Wallerfield

The Trinidad and Tobago Automobile Sport Association (TTASA) wishes to notify the general public of a fruitful meeting concerning the Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway (FBWIR).

On Tuesday 18th September, 2018 a meeting was held with the Minister of Trade and Investment, Honorable Mrs. Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Sport and Youth Affair, Honorable Ms. Shamfa Cudjoe along with Mr. Steve De Las and Mr. Ian Fletcher the President and Vice President, respectively, of Evolving Tecknologies and Enterprise Development Company Limited (eTecK) at the Ministry of Sport conference room.

This meeting rendered a positive outcome as the Ministry of Trade and Investment gave a permanent home to motorsport in Trinidad and Tobago at the beloved Wallerfield location. A subsequent meeting is to be held with eTecK to discuss the duration of the new renewable lease, associated costs and the development of Alutech as neighbours of the Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway (FBWIR).

Preliminary points raised in the meeting include a thirty (30) year renewable lease with eTecK and also a clearance of 30m from Alutech is needed to adhere to various health and safety codes. In order to facilitate this 30m clearance the North-West section of the FBWIR commonly referred to the staging and launch area for the drag strip will have to be moved forward in an Easterly direction. Further discussions with eTecK will also be made to claim more land at the Eastern most end of the track such that there will still exist a safe run off
area for the drag strip.

It is to be noted that permanent structures and amenities may now be erected at the Frankie Boodram Wallerfield International Raceway, along with necessary utilities such as running water and electricity. The previous series of licenses issued by eTecK to use the location did not allow these changes to the location as all structures were to be removed by the tenants (TTASA) at the expiration of the license.

In prior years a Waterloo location was previously allocated for motorsport. No further development was done to this location by TTASA however due to lack of funds to develop a facility. This is as compared to the FBWIR which already had the paved surface and layout that was used in previous years of motorsport. Another concern with respect to the Waterloo location is that it was below sea level. Following the positive outcome of this meeting, the Wallerfield location is now given as the new home of motorsport.

TTASA would like to express our deepest appreciation to the Ministry of Trade and Investment, Ministry of Sport, eTecK and all stakeholders for working with our management committee and facilitating this step in taking motorsports forward.