Author Topic: German door liner and Jamaican Sun - Bad Mix  (Read 409 times)

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German door liner and Jamaican Sun - Bad Mix
« on: December 1, 2018, 10:01:53 AM »
Opened the passenger door and saw that sun completely peeled off the inside door panel liner with the nice BMW beige leather and inlaid beige pearlpoint material. The inlay pearlpoint part was hanging down. Saw the liner for US$900 for one on probably double that from the dealer.   :o

 Went on ebay and wasn't expecting to match the color, but was surprised to see all colors, including some nice beige ones for $110 US each. Ordered it up and sent it here. With the panel so cheap the duty was almost nothing. Could have waited till my next US trip, but the shipping was cheap too. Sen' on di ting dem!

Was expecting some little harmless dings from the pictures, but they are out of sight when mounted. Did my usual thing with used purchases, I messaged the seller if I can get my usual 10% off for minor (expected) blemishes. The man dem take off HALF no problem, No argument!! I guess these sellers make a ton of profit from these insurance salvage cars with minor damage so them don't care.

Had watched a youtube video and all you need is a T20 torx head. I had one already from an old cheap Goodyear roadside toolkit, so pulled off the original panels and installed the 'new' ones. Took 20 mins each. Second one less b'cuz u know what u looking for.

Maybe what, $4000 US saved from the dealer? Definitely at least $3000 if I had bought and shipped new. Kept my silver door handle covers. With the beige leather it look like some Porsche door rasta!